Useful features for you as a campground owner:

Send push notifications to your guests' phones

  • Is there something fun to report, want to draw extra attention to something or share practical matters? (Think: 'the wifi isn't working, the mechanic will be done by the end of the morning.') Send a push message!
  • Here you have the choice of sending the message to the guests at the campground, only the tourist or seasonal guests, or also all past guests.

Simple management system

  • After you register through the website, you will be directed to a user-friendly management system.
  • In this management system, you change the entire content of your app with just a few clicks. For example, information about facilities, nearby outings and the activity calendar.

QR code with login function

  • A unique QR code is automatically generated for your app, which you can easily share with your guests.
  • Once your guests scan the QR code with their cell phone's camera function, the Camping Comfort app is downloaded. Your guests can now automatically log in to your campsite.

Personally recommended facilities and activities

  • Highlight the right activities at the right time. Through a smart algorithm, the app automatically determines which facilities and activities may be of interest to your guests. These are shown as recommended on the front page of the app.

Directly in touch with your guests via message service

  • Thanks to the convenient messaging service, you don't always have to be at the front desk to answer guests' questions. This gives the freedom to work in the field, for example, and be accessible at the same time.
  • It also works the other way around: if you have a question or announcement for a guest, you send an instant and easy message. That way you don't have to walk around the grounds hoping the guest is in place.

Bread and catering orders

  • Guests can easily order through the app, giving you a convenient overview of all orders per day. You can print out total orders at any time and send them to your supplier if necessary.
  • Guests can pay directly through the app.

In-app payments

  • Guests can pay for orders placed directly through the app if they wish.

Automatic multilingualism

  • Write texts in your own language and choose which languages it should be translated into.
  • Lower the threshold for guests from countries whose language you do not speak.

Your own app in the App Store? You can!

  • It is possible to place your own app in the App Stores.
  • It is also possible to display multiple campsites, parks or resorts in a single app. Contact us for more information about the possibilities.

Not just for campsites

  • Camping Comfort is used by campgrounds, parks and resorts. To make the app more compatible, it is possible to customize the word "camping."

Protect your concept

  • By using a QR code, only your guests can access your app (you can download unique QR codes through the management system).
  • You can deny guests access through the management system if you wish.

Contemporary design

  • With opportunities for your own photography.

Professional texts for camping facilities

  • Share information about your facilities and thereby avoid the most frequently asked questions at the front desk.
  • In multiple languages and based on the most common camping facilities and their features.
  • The texts can be used for inspiration or adopted directly.
  • This saves paper waste and printing costs.

Inspiration for fun outings nearby

  • Fully automatically populated in multiple languages.
  • Categorized in Get Out, Food & Drink, Shopping.
  • Extensive info: photo, description, distance from campsite, tags, reviews, opening hours, link to website and directions.
  • You have control over what you show: you can easily remove what you don't want to show your guests yourself.
  • Examples:
    • museums that perfectly suit your guests
    • what local hospitality industry do you recommend?
    • where is the supermarket?
    • where is the ATM?

Activities and events calendar

  • Easily enter one-time or recurring activities and events.
  • You can choose the time of reminder (applicable to the personal activity calendar).
  • Direct contact with guests.
  • Communicate directly with your guests through a messaging service.
  • Guests receive push notifications.

Handy for your guests:

Personally recommended facilities and activities

  • Through a smart algorithm, the app determines which facilities and activities may be of interest to your guests. These are shown as recommended on the app's front page.

Map of the campsite

  • With ability to enlarge.

Info about WiFi

  • The right network.
  • The password (easy to copy)..
  • Any costs, limit, details.


  • The app automatically displays in the phone's language.

Bread and catering orders

  • Your guest can easily place orders through the app.

Camping Facilities

  • Your guest no longer has to go to the front desk for information; everything is readily available via cell phone.

Inspiration for fun outings nearby

  • Categorized in Get Out, Food & Drink, Shopping.
  • Extensive info: photo, description, distance from campsite, tags, reviews, opening hours, link to website and directions.

Informed of activities and events

  • Clear weekly overview, helps with vacation planning.
  • Each activity includes a photo, description, date, time, location, appropriate age and possible cost.
  • Distinction between "On-site" and "Nearby" activities.

Personal activity calendar

  • Activities and events are "likable" and appear in a personal activity calendar.
  • Clearly displayed on the app's home page.
  • If desired, your guest can set reminders in the form of push notifications.

Direct contact with the reception

  • Does your guest have a question? Or is your help needed? The message service makes it easy to initiate a conversation with you (or the front desk).

View the demo app

Step 1: Feel free to download the Camping Comfort app from the App Store or Google Play
Step 2: Open the app and scan the QR code

Judith Martojo- van der Meer, Camping La Garenne
We kept track of bread orders on paper and then it was processed in the computer. In the high season, this was a big job, which involved making small mistakes. Last summer, we started working with the Camping Comfort application. This application relieved us of a lot of work and stress. Mistakes that would otherwise have been made accidentally in ordering bread did not happen. Peace came to the sale of bread. We really enjoyed this. Finally, we received feedback from our guests that they too found it very pleasant! Nice huh, everyone happy.
Sander Meems, Vakantiepark Sikkenberg
The app works great for our park! All data is easy to enter and keep track of. We hear positive feedback from our guests. The team behind the app does an excellent job, is easy to reach and keeps innovating. Even during the corona crisis they keep thinking with you and make the app fit the current regulations in a short time.
Minicamping de Nesse
Works super! Nice App, useful during vacations to visit events, activities, sights. Quick response by developer when questions or bugs, quick updates afterwards. We are happy with it.
Jeroen Sturrus, vacation park Walsdorf
Whereas during the start-up we were already amazed by the ease of input, in recent weeks we have been surprised by the adjustments in the context of the Corona crisis. This makes the CampingComfort app an ideal tool for getting through the Corona crisis at our vacation park as well!
Peter Vlug, Camping Buitenlust
The message function is ideal, the guest can directly address the correct department. If a guest has a malfunction in a rental accommodation, it does not go through reception but directly to the field service. The guest is then helped sooner, which gives a good feeling.

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